Topics may address (but are not limited to) the following categories:

  1. Music Iconography.
  2. Ancient Greek music.
  3. Byzantine and post-Byzantine music:
    • Palaeography, performance practice and didactics
    • History and historiography of Byzantine music and hymnography
    • Secular music and Byzantine musical instruments
    • Interactions of Byzantine music with other music cultures
    • Current research programms and instrumenta studiorum.
  4. Ethnomusicology:
    • Greek folk music.
    • Folk and popular music of the Balkans, the Mediterranean and Arab countries.
  5. Art music in Greece:
    • Historiography, perception and research on Greek art music
    • Greek musical avant-garde.
  6. Ancient Greek mythology:
    • Stage music for ancient Greek drama in Western culture.
  7. Concepts of music theory from Greek antiquity to the present.
  8. Current musicology in Greece.