Friday 10 June

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Friday’s concert

All A Sessions in Teloglion Amphitheatre All B Sessions in Teloglion Hall 2
Session 1A

Greek Art Music V:

From the National School and Beyond

chair: Giorgos Sakallieros

Session 1B

Ethnomusicology I:

Fieldwork and Issues of Texture

chair: Dimitris Themelis

09:30-10:00 Nektaria Delvinioti

“Relation of Manolis Kalomiris with cultures, artists, political factors”

Παύλος Τσακαλίδης

“Οι τρίχορδοι τροπικοί σχηματισμοί στην ελληνική δημοτική μουσική”

10:00-10:30 Xenia Theodoridou

“Emilios Riadis – Yannis A. Papaioannou: Greek representatives of Orientalism”

Πέτρος Παπαεμμανουήλ & Γρηγόρης Παπαεμμανουήλ

“Η μουσική παράδοση στα χωριά του Φαλακρού Δράμας. Καταβολές-επιρροές”

10:30-11:00 Vasiliki Zlatkou

“Petros Petridis, Trio for piano, violin and violoncello (1934): the relation of sonata form with the modality and its interaction with European and Hellenistic influences of the 20th century music”

Iωάννης Ζαρίας

Η καταγραφή της διαποίκιλσης στην ελληνική παραδοσιακή μουσική από την ευρεία διάδοση της δυτικής σημειογραφίας και μετά

11:00-11:30 Musical event II

Ευτυχία Μπλάτζα

“Τα κλασικά έγχορδα στην Ελλάδα με τη ματιά ενός Luthier

Δάφνη Μαυρίδου

Τύποι μελισμάτων σε παραδοσιακά τραγούδια της Κεντρικής Μακεδονίας”

11:30-12:00 COFFEE BREAK
Session 2A

Teaching Tonal and Contemporary Composition as an Issue of Internationalization and Modernism in Greek Music: Editing Yannis A. Papaioannou’s (1910-1989) Educational Corpus – PANEL ΙV

chair: Giorgos Zervos

Session 2B

Ethnomusicology II:

Folk Instruments

chair: Kyriakos Kalaitzidis

12:00-12:30 Demetre Yannou

“The editorial problems of the material”

Λάμπρος Ευθυμίου

Ηχητικός σύνδεσμος μεταξύ Ανατολής και Δύσης: το πολίτικο λαούτο

12:30-13:00 Costas Tsougras

“Y. A. Papaioannou’s educational corpus  – A creative approach to tonal composition teaching”

Mema Papandrikou

The santouri in Greece between 1799-1800. Is it an Ottoman or a European dulcimer?

13:00-13:30 Kostas Chardas

“Teaching modernism in Greece:  Τechniques and ideas crossing the compositional and educational work of Papaioannou since 1950”

Παναγιώτης Τζεβελέκος & Γεώργιος Κουρουπέτρογλου

“ΖΟΥΡΝΑΣ: Συλλογή ηχογραφήσεων αντιπροσωπευτικών τύπων ζουρνά της Ελλάδας”

13:30-15:00 LUNCH BREAK
All A Sessions in Teloglion Amphitheatre All B Sessions in Teloglion Hall 2
Session 3A

Ethnomusicology III:

Local Traditions and Intercultural Relations

chair: Eleni Kallimopoulou

Session 3B

Greek Art Music VI:

Interactions and Reappraisals

chair: Minas Alexiadis

15:00-15:30 Rudolf M. Brandl

“ ‘Topiko’ – The importance of local stylistic performance of cultural identification in traditional Arab – Ottoman – South Albanian and Greek ensemble music”

Anna Babali

“Musical interrelations between Serbia and Greece: The case of the Seven Balkan Dances for the piano, by Marko Tajcevic, and the piano set Greek Dances, by Georgios Kasassoglou”

15:30-16:00 Irini Beina

“Ethnographic film as methodology tool and product of ethnomusicological research”

Demosthenes Fistouris

“The tetrachords – archetype structural composing unit – in the opera as aesthetical element of folklorism – exotism – orientalism and inspiring resource for European composers, furthermore as an experiential element of national identity or especially as mannerism tool for Greek composers”

16:00-16:30 Makis Tsamalikos

“Chordophones’ migrations around the Mediterranean”

Philip Gregory Sougles

“Gina Bachauer, a forgotten artist: negligence or political taboo?”

16:30-17:00 Vesna Mikić

“Whose are these songs? Greek and Serbian input in creating Balkan popular music”



Session 4A

Outer influences of Greek Culture and Spirit

chair: Anna-Maria Rentzeperi-Tsonou

17:30-18:00 Irmgard Lerch-Kalavrytinos

“Frank Choisy (1872-1966) – a Belgian- Swiss Composer in Greece”

18:00-18:30 Guang-rui Lu

“Western music philosophy via Ancient Greek spirit and contemporary Chinese symphonies”

18:30-19:00 Μηνάς Ι. Αλεξιάδης

The ‘Hellenikon’ (Ελληνικόν) and the ‘Elinikon’ (Ελινικόν) issue, in Leoš Janáček’s opera The Makropoulos affair


Concert V


Mousiko Polytropo – “Earina” (“Vernal Events”)

Spring Songs—Customs and Events

A musical-theatrical performance of folklore songs related to the turning of time from winter to spring, from hibernation to fertility, from darkness to light.


I.      Βουκολική σκηνή

Εξέφεξεν η Ανατολή.

Χειμώνας και Χινόπωρος.

Πουλλές πιρδίκις

Μάη Μάη χρυσομάη

Η Παντού η κούνια



ΙΙ.       Άδης

Σήμερα μέρα κρίνιτι


Τρεις ανδρειωμένοι εβούλησαν.

Ζαφείρη μ’ κοντοστρόγγυλε

ΙΙΙ.      Άνοιξη

Ν’ ιδώ σι τούτ’ τη γειτονιά.

Τώρα Μαϊά τώρα δροσιά.

Άννα στο δάσος περπατεί.

Ν’ ώρα καλή σου Πασχαλιά


Ι. Bucolic Scene

Dawn has broken

Winter and autumn

Many Partridges

May May Golden May

The Swing


Little Orange Tree

ΙΙ. Underworld

Today the day is judged

Oh! Nicola

Three Brave Men

Short and Round Zafeiris

ΙΙΙ.   Spring

Here in this neighbourhood.

Now it’s May, now there’s dew

Anna walks in the forest

So Long Easter

Musical instruction, direction and supervision:    Jannis Kaimakis

Assistants and organizing committee:                    Charmpa Eleftheria, Tselepi Antigoni,

Vordonis George

Percussion instruction:                                              Papas Kostas

Instrument and scenery Setup:                                Paulos Aktsoglou

Fabrics donated by:                                                   “Artemios” Industry

Pictures:                                                                        Kopsidis Rallis, Kontoglou Fotis

The team members:

Anastasiadi Stella, Velenis Constantinos, Vordonis George, Gergiou Cleopatra, Dadatsi Nikoleta, Euthimiou Akis, Kaimakis Jiannis, Kokonis Dimitris, Koraka Andriana, Margaritis Constantinos, Milosis George, Moreno Viki, Moraiti Marieta, Nesseri Maria, Papas Constantinos, Pari-Nika Dimitra, Pozatzidou Eleni, Raptopoulou Ritsa, Roudniklis Tilemaxos, Spiropoulos Alkis, Tselepi Antigoni, Tsernou Lina, Tsernou Roula, Fouski Maria, Charmpa Eleftheria

Τhessaloniki Concert Hall (Building B) – 21.00