Electronic equipment

Dear participants
We would like to inform you about the available electronic equipment for your presentations in Crossroads conference.

In both Teloglion Amphitheatre and Hall B there will be laptop computer, video projector, audio out and also separate CD / DVD player (if you want musical examples to be played from CD and not from the computer media player). The computers are running in Windows Operation System and presentations are available in Microsoft Power Point and Adobe Acrobat Reader programs. Teloglion also provides wireless internet connection throughout the building.

Each participant must submit his/her presentation, in a flash usb stick, to the available technicians’ team for loading them in the laptop computer before the beginning of their session, or even better, in the morning. Mac users will also have to prepare their presentations in Powerpoint or Adobe Acrobat.

Please submit your archives in .ppt (and not .pptx) and .pdf formats. In any case, technicians will provide assistance to any problem may occur.
The Crossroads Organising Committee.

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